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Where next?

27 October 2014

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the space weather public dialogue through the workshops and online surveys. Earlier in October we held our stakeholder workshop with a range of interested parties from academia, government, research councils and industry. Some of our public participants came along to discuss their experience of the […]

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Talking under the telescope

22 September 2014

We had a fantastic final dialogue event at Jodrell Bank, spending the day under the shadow of the magnificent 89m high Lovell Telescope. Participants from our Edinburgh, Reading and Wrexham events came together with a range of space weather specialists to discuss the outputs of the first two rounds of workshops, and to prioritise some of […]

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End of round 2 public workshops

5 August 2014

We’ve come to the end of two rounds of workshops with members of the public in Edinburgh, Reading and Wrexham. All of our participants were fantastic – engaged, humorous and willing to get stuck in to whatever exercise we asked them to do. This included putting themselves in the shoes of emergency responders, taking charge […]

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Talking risk in Wrexham

3 July 2014

It was a cloudy, wet day in Wrexham as we kicked off the discussion in the last of our three locations, but luckily the weather didn’t dampen the conversation. There was a great atmosphere and lots of interesting questions raised from participants as they explored the potential impacts and risks of space weather. Specialists from […]

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A sunny day in Edinburgh!

27 June 2014

Our second public workshop took place at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. After a drizzly start to the day, the sun eventually came out and our Edinburgh participants were treated to an amazing view over the city from the rooftop terrace of the Royal Observatory. A big thank you to all of the participants and […]

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Dr Lucie Green

A big thank you to Dr. Lucie Green

26 June 2014

The Space Weather Public Dialogue project is producing a short film featuring a range of thoughts and opinions on space weather. The first interview was done on Monday with space scientist and award-winning broadcaster, Dr. Lucie Green. Lucie gave us a fascinating interview and discussed the risk associated with a severe space weather event and […]

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A rainy day in Reading

10 June 2014

Our first public workshop took place at the University of Reading on Saturday. A big thank you to all of the participants who made it through the bad (terrestrial) weather to talk space weather for the day. Six hours seemed to whizz by, aided by plenty of tea and some hefty sandwiches. It was great […]

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Project launch!

6 June 2014

Welcome to the website for the UK’s first Space Weather Public Dialogue. We’re really excited about the project getting going. Our first workshop with specially recruited members of the public is happening on Saturday 7 June – we’ll update on how it all went after the event. In the meantime, we want to hear from […]

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