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End of round 2 public workshops

5 August 2014

We’ve come to the end of two rounds of workshops with members of the public in Edinburgh, Reading and Wrexham. All of our participants were fantastic – engaged, humorous and willing to get stuck in to whatever exercise we asked them to do. This included putting themselves in the shoes of emergency responders, taking charge of a fictitious pot of resources, and doing various things with sticky dots, post-it notes and marker pens!

A huge thank you should also go to all of the space weather specialists who contributed to the development of materials for the workshops and attended the meetings themselves. Their enthusiasm and knowledge really helped to bring the topic of space weather to life for all involved.

We’ll be spending a bit of time gathering together all of the findings ready to feed into our third round workshop in September, which will bring participants from all three locations together with specialists to discuss priorities, spending and communication in more detail. Until then, please continue to have a look around the website and contribute your views via our online survey!


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