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Talking under the telescope

22 September 2014

We had a fantastic final dialogue event at Jodrell Bank, spending the day under the shadow of the magnificent 89m high Lovell Telescope.

Participants from our Edinburgh, Reading and Wrexham events came together with a range of space weather specialists to discuss the outputs of the first two rounds of workshops, and to prioritise some of the options for preparation, response, and communication of space weather.

We’ll be spending some time pulling together the findings from all of the workshops and online responses so far, and will produce an interim report in early October – we’ll put a link to it on this website once ready. This will then be discussed by a range of stakeholders involved in the project, with a view to deciding how to turn key messages and recommendations into actions.

In the meantime, you can continue to contribute your views via the website for the next few weeks!


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