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The UK Space Weather Public Dialogue

circle_1Space weather is a set of phenomena that are now recognised as a significant natural hazard, with the potential to disrupt many of the technologies that are critical to the functioning of modern societies. The UK Space Weather Public Dialogue aims to involve members of the public to help answer some key questions:

What are we doing?

circle_2 We are seeking views from the wider public through this website. We are also running regional workshops to give members of the public an opportunity to discuss space weather with people from academia, government and industry. These workshops are by invitation only to make sure we talk with a representative sample of people. Later in the project we will also run a survey with a randomly selected representative sample of UK members of the public. We hope that by seeking people’s views in a number of ways, we can start to build a better overall understanding of how members of the public understand the risk of space weather, how they might respond to this risk, and how the feel about the allocation of responsibility for action. At the end of the project we will produce a report to summarise everything that has happened and all of the views we have received. This report will be shown to as many interested parties as possible – across government, academia and industry – to help inform their decisions about how we prepare for and respond to a severe space weather event. We will also make the report publicly available and post a link from this website once it is complete. Back to top...

Who’s behind it?

circle_3The dialogue is resourced by the following organisations: Back to top...

Who’s delivering it?

circle_4The process is designed and delivered by 3KQ and Collingwood Environmental Planning with a little help from our friends at Ipsos MORI and Pure Communication. Back to top...